Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Graduation 2014

Okay, the formal attire isn't very sporty but that's me graduating in 2014.

What was sporty about this graduation was the fact I graduated with a Masters degree in Human Movement Science from the College of Human Kinetics in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

I finished my thesis with the title, "Traditional Approach and Games Approach to Teaching Volleyball".

This means I can help once again and give back to volleyball and sport.

But more importantly, I can start updating this blog again with just about any sport thing. Ciao!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm Back and With a Recap to Why I Slighlty Disappeared Online

Hello everyone! I'm back. It has been the longest time since I put this blog up that I haven't placed an entry. Well, for those who know me well... I've been busy. Busy jumping from coach to educator to an athlete but all for the love of volleyball and motorsports. So let me tell you now what's placed me out of the picture as I just give you a run down of where I left off.

Skill testing for my thesis on Traditional Approach in Volleyball.
What prompted for the lack of updates was mainly because of my thesis. I did a study on teaching volleyball with a comparison of a games approach method and the traditional approach method.

3 on 3 small court testing for the Game Approach in Volleyball.
It was a requirement for promotion to become an Assistant Professor in the university I work for. But mainly, this was a study to encourage a different and a supposed better approach to teaching basic volleyball. 

The Games Approach method could be further researched from theories coming from Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), and Federation Internationale de Volleyball's (FIVB) advocacy to promote Mini-Volleyball.

Hopefully, teaching volleyball could become more fun with positive encouragement, feedback, appreciation, and understanding of the game. 

If you wish to further learn about this more, don't hesitate to contact me.

Other duties in volleyball and the university were having to guide some of the University of the Men's Volleyball Team. I was reassigned from the Women's Volleyball Team to the Men's Volleyball Team for this year. It was quite a tough year as to the changes in management and coaching staff. It was a definite on-going learning experience for everyone.
UP Men's Beach Volleyball Team
UP Men's Volleyball Team in Araneta Colliseum
In motorsports, it has been a fruitful time while I haven't been updating much in this blog. It is a bit difficult to be managing two blogs but, I did however continue to update my motorsports blog There I mentioned  my participation in the Philippine Autocross, completion of my officiating status in motorsports and having applied it in the Philippine Touring Car races, and also having to compete in an International Rally in Malaysia.

Competing in the Philippine Autocross Championship Series with the reliable stock Honda City.
I was a race steward and safety car driver in the BMW Z4 during the second half of the Philippine Touring Car Championship (PTCC).
I competed in the International Rally of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Definitely, the events go faster than me before I have a chance to write it all down and document such experiences. There have been a lot more going on also, like having to do statistics for the Philippine Super Liga, and other automotive related stories.  

Hear more from me soon and as sports comes everyday for me.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

UP-CHK's 2nd National Conference on Sport Pedagogy. I'll be handling the volleyball workshop on Sunday.

NCSP 2013 Volleyball Workshop

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gilas Pilipinas into Spain 2014

Wow. What a game. After having to get out of the comfort of my house to stand in a crowd of basketball fanatics, I do not regret watching an international basketball game. This basketball leg is the counter part of an Asian qualifier of the FIVB Asian volleyball games where I am more known to be a fan of. The FIBA was definitely worth watching. Most especially when it was the Philippines in the semi-finals. Our country was doing very well and actually had a shot at the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain. To make things short, they did it! 
Held in the Mall of Asia Arena

Inside the MOA Arena with all the participating countries' colors.

Chinese Taipei and Iran, which emerged victorious, were the first of the semi-final games.

Warm-up time for the main event, semi-final match between the Republic of Korea and Republic of the Philippines

Gilas Pilipinas played with pure heart to get to where they are now. And that's Jimmy who hit crucial three pointers.

The Final score

The Philippines celebrating their right of passage into the FIBA World Cup for 2014 and a place in this FIBA Asia's Championship game against Iran.
Actual proof of wearing white for the home team.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2 Places at 1 Time

As the title suggests, it could also mean being in one place and having to do two different things for a certain sporting day. A usual everyday sport affair would be partaking in multiple sports in a day. That happens to me almost everyday being a physical educator. But when a supposed normal weekend becomes a choice for sporting organizers to make an ordinary weekend special, they choose the same dates to hold their events.

An example is a typical Sunday marked on July 28. An ordinary Sunday becomes a special day with two sporting events. In actual, I have to be in two places at one time. I have to be in the first round of the 2013 Philippine Autocross Championship Series as a competitor and ambassador of the grass root event, while also having to be in the Mall of Asia Arena for the Philippine Super Liga volleyball finals as an official.

So what happens in such an event? Autocross in the morning and volleyball in the afternoon. Lucky the people I answer to are kind enough to understand my situation. 

At the 1st Round of the Philippine Autocross Championship Series.
I managed to do a run with my stock 1.3L car to win 3rd in the all Honda class. Actually, that was me getting lucky as I just wanted to oil my driving skills to prepare for more serious events. I wanted to do a run to enjoy myself again and I did!

After setting my runs in the Autocross event, off I went around the block the crossing of the Paranque - Pasay border heading to the Mall of Asia Arena for the Super Liga Finals. So, from race car driver to volleyball statistician, check! But then I remembered, I had to do one more thing. I wasn't just balancing that day of having two roles. Nikon lent me one of their latest products that seemed to fit my lifestyle, a Nikon 1 V2 camera. I had to take some pictures. I almost forgot, I was a blogger. More of a self denial blogger actually and I had to task myself with doing volleyball statistics and doing blog related stuff like photography and an amateur camera review.

There were three games that day for the Philippine Super Liga Finals. A ranking game between PLDT and Binggo Bonanza for fifth place which PLDT won. All these photos were taken by my amatuer-ish photography skills but with the power of the Nikon 1 V2.


The second game was for third place between Cagayan Valley and Petron. Team Petron took third place that day.


The championship game had TMS-Army Team prevailing over Cignal for the first ever Philippine Super Liga title.


It wasn't easy sneaking shots of the game while having to continuously perfect the art of encoding statistics.
The Nikon 1 V2 gave excellent shots with minimum adjusting and almost no blur in the action shots captured. Just look at how crisp those photos are during the volleyball matches! So the day done with so many moments. Just another many sports, everyday.
Volleyball Information System Encoding 
The Camera Network: A picture with
pro-camera man, Jude, who
encouraged me
to use the white NIKON 1 V2. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rescue 5's Basketball Injuries

tv5 basketball
Basketball is taking over me. While checking my students' attendance for their required cheering classes in preparation for UAAP, our dean found the only available teacher to volunteer for a TV segment. It just so happened, I was around and I can't exactly refuse  the boss' request. He asked if I knew how to play basketball. I obviously answered in my usual uncertain response regarding basketball. I even tried looking for other basketball teachers. We have a lot of them in the college. But, it had to be the volleyball teacher to do it. None of the basketball teachers were around and I thought to myself that this would be really weird. I know my competence in basketball. Despite playing better in the last league I joined, I still couldn't be comfortable with my basketball skills. Nevertheless, the boss said so and I just couldn't say no. So they had me take off my glasses, and requested if I could change my shirt to a sleeveless orange gym shirt. So there I was in front of cameras performing my... er, call it... basketball skills. A lay up here and there, a freethrow shot that I could barely see. A few dribble and crossovers here and there. It was for TV5's Rescue 5 Show hosted by Paolo Bediones. The topic was on basketball sports injuries.

tv5 basketball r5
After watching the show, I felt that the show had gone by quickly and was a crash course to preventing injuries. I'd give a tip that I did learn from my professors in my college about one of the most common season ending injuries.

The ACL injury is all too common nowadays. Concentrate on the activation of the hamstrings and strengthening it. This is in contrast to your quadriceps which are more common to muscle activation especially to those who are  unfamiliar to the use of the hamstring muscles and glutes. Also, learn how to move and pivot correctly. Be conscious in learning your movement during training, so that the correct movement will be natural during game time. Remember always be safe... while playing basketball.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kids Summer Volleyball

It has been sometime I've posted in this blog. School now starts again, and what has kept Sport It Everyday busy? Last summer was spent teaching and developing children's volleyball in a different approach. A mix of traditional fundamental skill training, with a mini-games approach to understanding the game of volleyball was a pilot short-term module in summer clinics. Finding new ways to attract and motivate children to play volleyball and be delighted with the game were sought through this special program of summer volleyball that did happen everyday!

Fun Games with the kids.
Kids learning how to dig pass from spikes.
Mini-volleyball games in small courts.